Peace Of Mind With Your Horse

Travel anywhere in the world with the Bed and Bale App and always know where the closest accommodation is for you and your horses, along with where the nearest veterinarian, farrier or tack store is to you.

Advertise your available accommodation, paddocks, stalls, vet service, farrier service and supply store direct to horse owners.


The map integration is a very big feature. Most websites list layovers by state, so if I am planning to travel between Chicago and Florida have to look separately at S. Indiana, S. Illinois, NW Kentucky to find options for the first layover. Then once I’m on the road, if I have an issue can search for layover options by distance from my location. Much harder to check a website and figure out where things are, especially if you’re dealing with a truck issue.

Jeff Rogero

This app has come in very handy for our horse hauling business. Have used some wonderful barns, and met great people! Highly recommend! 

Brandi Bee

So, for my horsey friends that like to go on adventures, PLEASE check out this app. It's like gas buddy but for equine layover and boarding, tack feed etc. I've been saying we needed something like this for a while but now someone has actually gone and done it!

Kayla Miles

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years.It’s been really helpful in finding overnight boarding on our travels.

Carrie Schmidt

I have my place listed on the app, it was very easy to do. Have my first lodger coming this week off Bed and Bale!

Dawn Brunson

A really well done app! I listed my property - overnight parking/horse accommodations (& a separate horse-friendly vacation cottage rental), downloaded the App on my phone, It was very easy to set up the listing with photos too!

Allison Kendis White

How Bed & Bale Works

Fingertip access to accommodation, nightly boarding, veterinarians, farriers, tack stores and feed & hay sales.




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Horse Owners
Browse the app to find help for your next trip!

Business Owners
Sign up as a lodge nightly boarding facility, veterinarian service, Farrier service or tack/feed store owner.

Horse Owners Love

One-click for services’ contact info, location, rates, and pictures.

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See a map with the pinned location of accommodation, nightly boarding locations, veterinarian services, farriers and tack/feed stores.

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Service Providers

Bed & Bale connects the business with new/travelling customers - a business page is like a website so no need to create your own website when going digital.

Instructions For Service Providers

  • Create your business page info
  • Enter logo, name, phone, email, website
  • Enter services, rates, amenities
  • Upload pictures of your place and amenities
  • Submit your request, and you’re all set!
  • Make sure to keep your page updated.
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